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You should start protecting the painted surface on your vehicle as soon as you buy it. If you start taking care of your car's paint job from day one, then your car will remain glossy and beautiful for many years to come. However, even if you may have neglected your car's finish at the very start, it is never too late to start taking action that may prevent further damage, oxidation or scratching of your vehicles paint.

These days, there are many quality car paint conditioners, cleaners, sealers and waxes that can help to not only provide a beautiful glossy shine for your vehicle, but also help to protect the paint from fading or damage. Most car detailing pros recommend that you have your vehicle waxed at least once a month.

Also, experienced detailers suggest that you use a quality paint cleaner or conditioner to remove stubborn stains such as bugs or road tar from your car as often as needed to keep them away from the actual paint on the vehicle. Also, remove tree sap or bird droppings as soon as possible to avoid damage to the car's paint as well.

Use a Quality Paint Protectant or Wax

When buying wax for your vehicle, you may think that most car waxes sold at your local automotive store are the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of using the cheapest car wax available, consider spending a few extra dollars and purchasing a paint protectant or wax that not only provides a long-lasting shine, but also offers more protection for your vehicle's paint job.

Instead of using a generic, or automotive store branded, car wax, opt for better-known names such as 3M, DuPont, Meguires, Mother, Nu Finish or Zymol. If possible, select a paint sealer protectant or wax that has Teflon added to the product. Teflon creates an invisible, but very durable, barrier between your car's paint job and dirt, grime or other contaminants that could possibly damage it. Besides the brands listed above, there are many other excellent products on the market; just do a little research online for any paint sealer or wax you may be considering.

Avoid All in One Cleaning Solutions

Today, there are many products that are marketed as an all-in-one cleaning and waxing solution for your vehicle. Some products are even marketed as a waterless or no-wet cleaning and waxing solution. Manufacturers of some other products may tell you that you never have to wax your car again if you use their` all-in-one cleaning and waxing solutions.

However, you should avoid these types of products as they usually offer very little in terms of protecting your car's paint job. Also, they usually only provide a moderate level of gloss and shine for your vehicle. Washing your vehicle, the old-fashioned way, and using a quality paint sealer or wax as part of a regular regimen for keeping your vehicle clean will protect your car's paint for many years and keep it beautiful with a high gloss shine.