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AKRILIK Painting Colors

Industrial Oils Unlimited is a manufacturer of heavy duty, high performance, extended life and synthetic lubricants for the industrial, manufacturing, metalworking and heavy equipment industries. Since 1970 we have provided our customers with the highest quality products using the most advanced technology.

We believe our job goes beyond just selling quality products. Our goal is to help our customers increase productivity, reduce down time and maximize equipment life. We combine hands-on customer service, advanced technical support and quality products to provide innovative and effective solutions to the lubrication problems that our customers are faced with each and every day.

In order to provide our customers with optimal solutions to their lubrication needs, Industrial Oils Unlimited has spent years putting together and training one of the most knowledgeable and experienced technical support teams in the region that we serve. Our team is not only qualified but certified by the lubrication industry's research, engineering and technical councils, committees and societies.