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Thranvl 6000 with high quality base oils of the finest quality additives needed for API CS / CC will be produced. 6000 Motor oil contains a wide variety of applications in the Automotive and Industrial sectors and types of gasoline-powered passenger cars , light -duty diesel , agricultural and construction machinery , industrial engines and some hydraulic oil is used in such cases . 6000 Thranvl oil production and will be available in three grades SAE 30,40,50 .


  • Gasoline engines with performance level API SC / CC
  • Light duty diesel engines with an average working conditions
  • Hydraulic systems and pumps
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Two-stroke engines and four stroke marine style


  • Maintain viscosity in function of time
  • Avoid Falling
  • Very little evaporation
  • High thermal stability
  • To prevent engine wear and corrosion

Quality levels :

  • API SC / CC
  • ISIRI 585

Packaging and Storage :

  • 1 liter plastic container
  • 4 liter plastic container
  • 20 liter plastic
  • 208 liter steel drums